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Longmarch Bowling Centers
Wonderful    Venues    for   Parties

Longmarch Bowling Centers, wonderful venues for kids birthday parties and corporate parties! 

  • Kids Birthday Parties
Bowling is a game people play from 3 to 93! And we have bumpers, which are kind of fences that prevent balls from falling into gutters, so even little kids can knock down some pins!
And we have as light as 4 pounds bowling balls which are actually the lightest bowling balls in the world.  For little kids to grab these balls, we've even drilled 5 holes on these light balls!
All kids love bowling! We promise! 

We are very proud to have provided our bowling centers to so many wonderful birthday parties! Nothing makes us more happier to see kids throwing balls and running around in our bowling center.

  • Corporate Parties
Bowling is also good for corporate parties. Everybody can participate and enjoy! No matter good or bad your colleagues play, you would all laugh!  LOL! We often see people Laugh Out  very Loud, which we don't think is a bad behavior at all! We are even thinking to price parties by the number of times people laugh and the DB level of their noise! (just kidding!)

Anyway, bowling is for sure a wonderful game for team-building! 

  • Party Environment
We have very good sound and lighting systems, and Glow-in-the-dark lanes. And this makes a wonderful party environment.

  • Projectors
You may bring photos and videos,  and project them on the big screens. This will certainly give a great amount of excitement to your party!

  • Non-smoking.
All longmarch centers are truly non-smoking.

  • Indoor activity,  easy to plan and manage
 Bowling is an indoor activity, and it will not be changed or cancelled because of bad weather or anything, it can be well planned and managed.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How many lanes do I need for my party?
    We suggest to put 3-4 persons on a lane, though you can have 6 persons on a lane. The more people you have on a lane, the more waiting time would be. You don't want their waiting time too long.

  2. How do you charge a bowling party?
    We charge with hourly rate per lane. And the hourly rate is set as 6 games for an hour. 

  3. How to get there?
  4. Can I bring a birthday cake to your center?
  5. Do you have a table for the birthday cake?
  6. Can we bring in food and beverage?

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